Hear what our lovely clients say about us below:

Allegra McEvedy

Chef, Writer & Broadcaster

“Having been lucky enough to visit some of the best beef farms in the country whilst filming Matt and Allegra's Big Farm, I can honestly say that Woodwards farm impressed me from start to finish. The start is their attitude to animal husbandry: Will is one of the most caring and thoughtful farmers I've ever met. Then on to the butchery, which they do in their own style, really working with the animal by opting for seam butchery which yields the best result and return from the carcass. And lastly, the taste - their meat is the most beautiful colour and texture, with perfect marbelling and a taste that is truly world class. I haven't had Woodwards beef for a month now, but the fantastic flavour still lingers on in my memory. It's that special.”



“We have never been disappointed with the quality and taste of the meat from Woodwards Farm and are particularly fans of their steaks and Jasper loves their dog bones too. I would recommend their produce to everyone!”



“I bought a pack of feather steaks from your stall on the South Bank, London, yesterday, and I have to say it was melt-in-the-mouth tender and absolutely delicious. ”



“All my family thought your beefburgers were amazing!”



“I bought some sirloin steak at your stall on Saturday and it's true – I will NEVER go back to supermarket meat again. I cooked the steak for an Argentinean friend and he could not believe that the meat was not from Argentina or Uruguay, which I know is a very high compliment to your farming skills.”



“I've just finished my gorgeous ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES!! They were utterly divine, and I want them every single day.”



“I'm obsessed with your burgers (and the great service on your Southbank stall) - I couldn't stop coming over this summer! I am a total Woodwards evangelist, I honestly think they're the best burgers I've EVER had and have raved about them to pretty much everyone. The meat really is incredible. ”


"Woodward's Farm meat is the centrepiece to every Christmas feast at our place, and so when we had the chance to try their burgers the other day of course we jumped at it. Amazing. Juicy. Fresh, and you can just taste the quality of the meat and other ingredients. Utterly delicious."