At the beginning of 2008 we left the comfort of our office jobs in Cambridge to return home to Will’s family farm in Winwick near Huntingdon. We wanted to provide food that we enjoyed growing, rearing and producing which could then be provided directly to the public.

Our cattle are traditionally reared on the grass and wheat produced on the farm. The health and happiness of our animals is ingrained into the pride we have of working with them.

Our free range hens are free to roam their field and as they are happy and contented they provide the true essence of a free range egg.

Our preserves are produced, where possible, from the fruits and vegetables grown in the orchard and vegetable garden surrounding the farmhouse; all pollinated from our bees.

We would like to thank you very much for your support and hope that you enjoy eating our food as much as we enjoy producing it.

Will & Kerrie x